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Jon Benson; somewhere on a beach in Florida

It’s true…
Send only these 4 emails!
That’s all you need. 

And you’ll generate more sales… every time you click send… than the majority of “email pros” bank in a week of emailing daily. 


Because these emails are different. 

They’re what I call E.P.IC. EMAILS. 

They’re built with a wildly-different approach to copy than the typical email method no longer working nearly as well anymore. 

With this approach… and these 4 emails… you’ll extract more money and more sales… and have more repeat buyers… than with any other email approach on the planet.

No crazy long sequences… no new email copy every day…. no content calendar to adhere to… and no email overwhelm. 

And no… you don’t need to try to learn or study email copywriting. You can forget that now. 

Just send these 4 unique little emails… and watch what happens.

So Why Do E.P.IC. Emails Work So Well To Generate All These Sales?

I’ll tell you more about why E.P.IC. EMAILS work like crazy… and how you can borrow my lazy-man’s plug-and-play system to enjoy your own crazy volume of email sales in a minute. Keep reading... 

First, here’s what these 4 emails and my E.P.I.C. EMAIL SYSTEM will do for you:

 SELL MORE with ONE email than time-consuming and expensive promo sequences...then sit back and see clicks soar and unsubscribes fade!

 GET MORE leads that buy from you for years…even decades…PLUS convert even the most skeptical tire-kickers into credit-card-swiping fanatics!

 GAIN MORE word of mouth sales and praises bordering on worship from your buyers…WHY?…because they’ll gobble up what you sell them and tell everyone about you…It's free advertising money can’t buy!

 SECURE MORE work or extra income if you want to just supplement your take-home pay…companies pay through the nose for emails that convert like these do. $500-$2000 per email according to AWAI, the leading pricing guide for companies looking to buy copy. So why not go ahead and make yourself more recession-proof?

And that's just for starters...

What Makes These 4 Emails & This E.P.I.C. Email System 
So Different Than Every Other Email Approach?

Let me be frank…

I’m known as the Godfather of the VSL… one of three-billion-dollar copywriters alive...and an AI copywriting pioneer.  

Some of the best copywriters and marketers on earth have been kind enough to put me on their "legends" list. You'll see just a few of them below.

But here’s a dirty little secret:

I’ve never been known for email marketing.

I wasn't even very good at it...

Until now.

See: With email marketing, I’ve always been lazy. Still am.  

When it comes to generating sales, I only like to do things that are…

Simple, Easy & Fast

The thought of having to come up with a new email every day or some long email sequence is overwhelming to me...and boring. 

Maybe to you as well. 

But I’ve also always known email is the king when it comes to producing sales. 

So I knew I had to figure out how to extract the most amount of money possible from email… with little work, little effort, and the fewest emails possible. And have them work right away

And I did…

It took me 7 years. And a heck of a lot of time making friends with the richest email marketers in the game.  

Have a look at just a few...
Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield
There are 5 guys above who truly stood out. The ones with the patterns I found easy to replicate. 

And today I have a reliable and consistent sales-generating system… that includes only 4 emails… and…

Produces Sales Galore Every Time I Click "Send"


I may not have been a natural at email marketing...but I’m damn good at spotting patterns. 

It’s how I became the highest-grossing VSL copywriter on the planet.

Now I've done it with email.

I spotted a pattern in the 5 guys making the most money with email.

I saw how their emails were not at all like the typical email copy most people are taught to use. 

With their insights, I realized the patterns in their emails were like formulas for words that sell. 

And they sell like clockwork. Every time they’re used in email. 

Listen...you must get this

The richest email marketers are not using typical email copy or the "standard" email marketing approach.

No. They’re using these patterns...over and over again...with just 4 specific types of emails. 

That’s it — the same patterns… with just 4 types of emails… and they’re…

Creating Fortunes From These 4 Little Emails

And enjoying results everyday.

No crazy long sequences… no new email copy every day…. no content calendar to adhere to… and no email overwhelm. 

Just these 4 email types… producing sales every time they go out.

Like this little winner from a week ago...not a bad few days, eh?... ; )
Insane earnings for every click. Crazy-high average order value. 

It’s a beautiful thing. Especially if you’re lazy like me… and want the shortest path to…

Banking A-Player Money From Virtually Any Email List

These patterns and 4 emails became the foundation of my E.P.I.C. Email System. 

And it’s how I’m now able to produce such a large volume of sales everyday from my emails… with a fraction of the work everyone else is trying to convince you you need to do. 

And I’ve taught this same system to many of my top clients. And they’re also seeing more sales everyday from their emails than anything they’ve done before. Many even more sales than me. 

Now marketers from newbies to pros are raving about it...

Even Uses ChatGPT And Puts Email Writing On Steroids

If you want to really "do nothing" and get emails with 3 measly clicks...and let the AI that I personally trained do all the heavy lifting for you?

Look no further than the sweet ChatGPT freebie I'll be tossing your way when you order today. It's optional...but killer if you just don't want to mess with writing a damn thing and just click a few buttons.

Keep reading...

Read For Yourself What The Badasses Are Saying…

Ryan Deiss

A Coach To Our Copywriters

Jon's stuff just works. We've had him out to our Digital Marketer headquarters in Austin to teach our in-house copywriters. He's one of the true legit living legends.
— Ryan Deiss, CEO, Digital Marketer and Founder of Traffic & Conversions
Kevin Rogers

Listen To This Man

I've been to Jon's Malibu beach home for an unforgettable marketing mastermind. Very few can teach copy and marketing at the level Jon can. You'd be very wise to pay attention and listen to what he has to share with you.
— Kevin Rogers, CEO, CopyChief
Perry Belcher

Better Than Me On His Worst Day

Jon, on his worst day, is a better copywriter than I am on my best. I highly recommend you drop what you're doing and pick up whatever he's offering...because it's simply the best training out there.
— Perry Belcher, Copywriter and DM Specialist, Investor
Todd Brown

Jon Presented E.P.I.C. At My $50K/year Mastermind

This blew me away! Why? Because it's a formula, not a course on "copywriting". A formula that anyone can replicate.
— Todd Brown, Marketer & Creator of The E5 Method and Top One Mastermind
Craig Dave

Feels Like You're Cheating

Jon, I use your system for my own emails - I just landed a $4,000/month retainer client from them - but also for my clients. I'm a copywriter, and this is so simple, it feels like I'm cheating. But the results speak for themselves.
— Craig Dave, Copywriter
Ted Promodou

$20K From 3 Emails?!

Jon, thanks so much! I was able to take your emails and earn a bit over $20,000 from just THREE. This is about as close to push-button profits as I've ever experienced.
— Ted Prodromou, LinkedIn Coach
Amonda Rose

Email Down To A Matter Of MINUTES!

Jon, now I can create a well written and compelling email with amazing subject lines in a matter of minutes. It would take me half a day or more to complete one promotional email. And they rarely got the result in new sales I was hoping for.
— Amonda Rose, Bestselling Author
Phil Newton

A 200% Increase In My Sign-ups...In Under A Week!

So I started using these emails and...wow. I doubled my sign-up rate in less than a week. That can double my sales! It's hard to believe.
— Phil Newton, Financial Newsletter Publisher
Damon Nelson

The Next Best Thing To Sitting Next To Jon

Jon, the way you teach is just amazing. It feels as if you're sitting in the office next to mine, handing me drafts for my next email promotion or campaign. It can't get any better in my book.
— Damon Nelson, Marketer
Bogdan Balas

Earning 6-Figures From Home Using Jon's Emails

So as you know Jon, I live in Romania. English is my second language. Even with that obstacle, I was able to generate over $100,000 in about 7 months using nothing but email thanks to what you teach and how you teach it. Thank you!
— Bogdan Balas, Marketer & Copywriter

And Thanks To These "Cheat Sheets" Anyone Can Do It


Now I can teach this simple approach to anyone in under two hours. Including YOU!

Because in typical Jon “I like things brain-dead-simple” Benson fashion…

I turned the entire E.P.I.C. Email System into a set of Step 1-2-3 Cheat Sheets.

I then recorded a few videos for my $5K/hour students on how to make the most money from their email marketing using the E.P.I.C. Method. 

Needless to say, the E.P.I.C. Email System Cheatsheets & Video are worth their weight in gold to me. 

And to my students... 

So Why Is It Only $59?


I could easily sell this little bundle for $997 or more. And get it all day. Especially using email. :-)

But today you can have the E.P.I.C. Email System Cheatsheets & Video for only $59 bucks. 

Yeah, I know… it’s almost ridiculous. 

So if this is so valuable why am I willing to share it with you for such an insignificant amount of money?

I won’t BS you. I have everything you could ever want for copywriting and marketing:

Software. Certification courses. One-on-one coaching. Masterminds.

Those cost a pretty penny.

But this is a way for you to see near-instant results for almost free.

Once you use this training and see your sales increase…your clicks go crazy…your word of mouth increase…your refunds decrease…

…I bet you'll become a lifetime customer of mine.

So you get these 4 E.P.I.C. emails.... stripped down to simple Cheat Sheets…

…and to-the-point video training you can glide through it all fast…

…and I get a shot at a forever customer.

Someone thrilled to buy time and time again because they see more zeros in their bank account.

Simple as that...

It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Make Writing Emails Any Easier

Writing copy isn’t “easy”. It never will be. It’s a skill.

So I all but removed it from the equation.

This is as close to "easy as child's play" as email will ever get. 

That I’ll guarantee. 

And that’s fair. 

And so is this:

Test Drive It For 30 Days On My Dime

I live by a simple motto that lets me sleep like a baby every night:

"I don't want your money unless I can make you more of it."

So you can rest easy: My E.P.I.C. Email Cheat Sheets and training comes with my unconditional "Make Money Or Else" Guarantee.

Here's how it will work: 

You'll pick up my Cheat Sheets and training today and devour it over the next few hours.

Then you'll put the first few emails to work.

After that, you'll freak out over how dreadfully WRONG 99% of email marketing "gurus" have been...

You'll kick any other emails you've ever tried to the curb...

And you make more money from email. 


Or else you pay nothing at all. 


Oh, and then there's this...

"The 10 Commandments Of Email"
Normally $47...TODAY FREE

These 10 Commandments may not have been delivered by Moses...

But they're the answer to 95% of all email marketing problems.

I normally only share this knowledge with my $5K/hour consulting clients. 

Chances are you're not ready for that kind of investment. 

So I'm giving you the next best thing...free.

I boiled it all down to just 10 RULES to follow.

A radical shift in email marketing that all but ensures your campaigns are more profitable.

Nothing "copy-related"...these are the secrets those 5 email millionaires are using.

Little things that add up to big money.

Stuff that's really hard to notice on your own...but once you see it you can't help but get results.

Hell, you may etch them in stone after you experience it.

This alone is worth more than any amount of money you will EVER pay me…

Yet I’m tossing it FREE for taking action right now:

"ChatMail: Get ChatGPT To Write Everything For You!"
Normally $77...TODAY FREE

Sure, sure...

ChatGPT is all the rage these days.

But when it comes to emails that convert? Chat is a child.

It couldn't write persuasively to save its life...let alone write EPIC-style promo emails.

Fortunately for you I gave that child some spinach...and some EPIC persuasion 'roid sauce...

...I trained the AI myself...

...and made ChatGPT my bitch.

I call this training and email wizardry "ChatMail".

Using this cut-and-paste "in-context learning" files I'll give you today, using ChatMail ChatGPT now spits out EPIC-style promo emails that remove ALL the hassle...all the hard work...

...all the WRITING from email writing.

You need ZERO ChatGPT experience...a literal moron could do it. Cut/paste/click/bank time.

And it's yours today 100% FREE when you click that nice orange button you see below now...
So this is it:

Click, tap, or smash that button right now… and let me help make your email paydays EPIC.

Jon Benson
Billion-dollar Copywriter & Coach
Godfather of the VSL

P.S. Before you go reread this paragraph:

"Produces Sales Galore Every Time I Click "Send"

Click here and you’ll see it. 

It’s VITAL that you get this…how life-altering this simple truth really is…

Then ACT ON IT. 

Don’t just settle for table scraps from the email marketing feast…

…when you can finally level the field in your favor and see the sales you deserve. 

Four simple emails. That’s it. 

You’ll see how to write them in minutes…even if you’ve never written anything that pulled in a penny. 

It’s all in my Cheat Sheets and training you can download immediately…

Click that button below right now.
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